Go Fishing to Relax

scotland fishing large fish catchGoing fishing for relaxation is not the whole story. Fishing is also a sport, and can be very competitive. It can also be dangerous, exhilarating, and sometimes just boring. However it is always addictive, and once bitten by the sport, you will probably be a fisherman for life.

Occasionally, being so serious about fishing comes with superstitions as you wonder what could go wrong or right, what did you do the last time that helped you to catch so many fish, and how do you do the same again.

The good thing is that it can be a great excuse, a  way to get out from the city, at which point letting loose and having fun becomes a priority.

What to take & where to go

Fishing is a task requiring some basic skills and equipment. Take a fishing line, find a boat or a shoreline and get to work. A river bank can be a great place too. Make sure you have your raincoat, because of the splashing water and changeable weather. And wear shoes or boots that are waterproof if you will be dipping your feet into the water. Carry a coolbox too if you are to bring home the catch.

What to avoid

Never go alone if you are going on a boat. You do not want to stall alone in the middle of a lake. It happens, and can put your life at risk, so stay safe, tell people where you will be, and go with a friend. Besides more people make your leisure time memorable.

If you are new to fishing there are many books, tv shows, websites available to help you learn this great pasttime. One of the best websites I would recommend is www.howtocatchanyfish.com.

There is a lot of information on all types of fishing to help. The video below is something that shows the sort of fishing you can enjoy in Scotland.

Fishing is a geat sport, a hobby, and something that you can enjoy your whole life. I recommend it to anyone looking for a new hobby. Maybe you have retired and have some time on your hands, or just a youngster looking for a skill to learn. Start here and enjoy your fishing journey.

Life, Leisure and Retirement Fit Well Together

When you retire and leave the work force, you will find that there are no rules to direct you in the luxury to plan your time at your very own rate. It is necessary to note that the degree that you are able to deal with leisure will identify your capability to have a satisfying retirement. Work for many of us is an escape from freedom in that somebody else has prepared our waking hours. Freedom in retirement takes creativity which most of us have actually not developed.

The shift from work to retirement is tough in one in 5 of us and can even cause anxiety. We come from a work oriented society and are used to deadlines and a consistent push for achievement. Unfortunately, the limitless pursuit of power, wealth, status, and popularity by achievement oriented individuals ends and begins in misery. You should keep in mind that there will constantly be another person who has more than you do and the quicker that you discover how to be happy with what you have the better off you will be. You want to avoid the psychological disorders that the accomplishment oriented private frequently develops as he is constantly trying to measure up to others.

This life style is not conducive to a true sense of well being. Retirement can be a time for you to establish caring relationships. personal development and participation in your neighborhood. In retirement it is time to rid yourself of values and morals of hard work and discover the best ways to enjoy you newly accomplished free time. To puts it simply rid yourself of the work principles and establish the pleasure ethic.

When you rid yourself of some of the regret when leaving the labor force and going into retirement, you can end up being a beginner living a different kind of life. You will find that when you change the way you invest your time, you will become more happy as you will spend more time with your partner, kids and grandchildren and pals. These relationships will make you feel deserving for who you are and not for what you have accomplished in your working years.

Lesiure time can be a benefit to you because you will find that you can be more spontaneous and will experience less stress and a more unwinded way of life. Besides developing an overall increase of quality in family life, you will feel a sense of self worth from having the ability to handle your leisure time. Plentiful leisure is among life’s treasures and in the long run will increase your level of joy.

Fitness For Older People – Because Fitness Transcends Beyond Age

Age does not matter in fitness. Fitness is actually a matter of concern that people should pay attention to, even after reaching their mature age. These days, we can hear from the news or read from online articles that there are indeed old people whose ages are 70 and beyond, yet are still able to do well in their fitness-related activities. This simply shows us that fitness for old people may be pursued successfully and safely.


The usual concerns for old people are health problems associate with their ripe age. Their bodies are also not that robust as they used to be while they were still younger. However, just as a younger person needs to take caution in pursuing his/her fitness goals, aged people only need to be well-informed about how they can safely workout in order to remain fit.

Consultation With The Doctor First

Before performing any exercise, it will be best to consult first with the doctor if an elderly person can safely do it or not. Through a consultation with a health care provider, one may also know what physical activities are okay to be performed and how intense these activities can be.

Ideal Activities For Elders

Muscle-strengthening and aerobic exercises are the two ideal activities that people aged 65 and above must perform on a weekly basis in order to improve health or stay healthy.

Moderately Intense Exercises

If a person has no condition that limits his/her mobility, daily performance of moderately intense aerobic activities may be done like fast walking or cycling for two and a half hours weekly. Water aerobics, dancing (line and ballroom), pushing the lawn mower, volleyball and canoeing are also other activities of reasonable intensity.

These activities let you work hard enough so the heart rate may increase so you can produce sweat. One way to know if an activity is moderate is if you can still talk while performing it, yet, you cannot actually sing the exact lyrics of a song.

Vigorously Intense Exercises

Running or playing single tennis can be considered vigorously intense activities and should be performed for 75 minutes each week. Fast swimming, biking fast or on an elevated ground, football, uphill hiking, dancing and martial arts are also considered vigorous activities. They let you breathe fast and hard, making your heart rate considerably faster. While doing vigorous activities, you need first to pause and breathe before you can sing lyrics of a song.

Muscle-Strengthening Activities

These are exercises that must be performed with counting in repetitions and in sets. Repetition refers to a full movement of any activity like sit ups or weight lifting. Set is one group of many repetitions. An elderly individual needs 8-12 repetitions in a set of each activity. Up to three sets can be beneficial.

Other Beneficial Activities

Elders have high risks of falling due to weakened legs, medical conditions and poor balance. To compensate for these, exercises or activities that can help improve coordination and balance should be performed; such as tai chi, dancing and yoga.

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Kitchen Project Update – Now it’s getting serious!

kitchen_doorsFollowing on from my previous post, where I started to delve into the kitchen upgrade to keep me sane during the colder months, I have realised that I need to make a decision on the cabinets. I did the research and decided on my worktops, but then realised that shiny new worktops are only going to make the tired old cabinets look worse than they did before… so I feel new cabinets coming on.

Thankfully, and old fishing buddy of mine had been through this process 12 months earlier, and recommended I look at using a local company specialising in replacing just the doors, drawers, handles etc, to get that new kitchen look for a lot less money. Now that got my attention!

Like it or not, kitchen cabinet doors will always take a beating. Every single day we always open and slam them countless times. Now, if you imagine how many times that happens in a year then consider how many years you’ve now had your kitchen cabinet doors, you will understand why they appear the way they do. The kitchen environment itself will also bring in its share of misfortunes, from the grease, heat stains to the residue from food, moisture, name it. Now, if you wish to give your kitchen a facelift, it’s best to start by going for replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

For some alternative ideas watch this video

Available options for using replacement kitchen cabinet doors

Replacement doors come in various styles, woods and colours. But not every person will want to match the wood framing colour to that of the cabinets. However, if you want to retain the color, you can always go for the doors that clearly match your existing wood frames. You can as well refinish your frames to match the cabinet door colours.

Alternatively, there are woodworking workshops that can as well custom make new doors for your cabinets and try as much as possible to match them. But this can be quite costly.

There is always the painting option.

Another way you to replace your kitchen cabinet doors is by painting everything so as they can all match. You can buy unfinished cabinet doors then rough up the frame’s finish using sandpaper and thereafter paint all of them with the same colour. Mostly it depends on your tastes and preferences. Many who’ve used this technique speak of having achieved fantastic results.


A number of cabinet door makers also offer veneers matching the cabinet doors. If you prefer to retain the beauty and looks of the wood grain and refinishing doesn’t seem like a good idea to you, you can always go with veneering. Most of it is peel and stick. Once it’s cut to fit, you can glue it over the existing finish. Even though this may need quite an amount of effort, at the end of it ,you will be happy to have a kitchen that looks new and well done.

New kitchen doors will make your room look good as new

The kitchen is obviously the most visual element of the house. Cabinets on the other hand mostly dictate the appearance and feel of your kitchen. When a homeowner opts for replacement kitchen cabinet doors, it not only works to enhance the home’s appeal but also boosts its value.

Rather than going into the expense of replacing the entire kitchen cabinets, replacement kitchen cabinet dnew door drawer and frameoors will save you money and time at the same time help you in achieving that fresh look we all love to see. And being a kind of kitchen remodeling, it could also make the huge difference when you need to sell off your home or rent it to someone.

All these you can achieve by seeking the help of experts skilled in interior design, specifically kitchen remodeling. An expert has the experience and necessary skill to help you help you achieve such. Just do a quick search on google to find a kitchen remodeling business near to you. And if you decide to shop for the items yourself, ensure you get it from reliable suppliers.

When I finally get the kitchen finished I will post some images on here. I just hope it gets done before the weather warms up or it will have to wait until next winter… now that’s not going to impress the wife!

Getting started with stillwater trout fishing

Stillwater Trout fishing, or fly fishing, is one of the greatest loves of my life. I do love Salmon Fishing, but trout fishing is my favourite type of fishing.

I often get questions from newbies about how to learn fly fishing, and I usually send them to this video, so I thought I would post it here.

Let me know if it is of any help and send me your comments and questions from the contact form.

Guidelines To Help You Select The Perfect Kitchen Worktop

curved edgeSo here I am, knee deep in my new kitchen project. As the winter months started to draw in and the days got shorter, my chances to go fishing were greatly reduced. I don’t like sitting watching TV, so I needed something to do. I know, let’s knock down the kitchen!

Well it wasn’t quite like that, but we decided that a new kitchen was next on the project list and we got to work.

One thing that surprised me, and the reason for writing this blog, is the number of choices and styles that are available for kitchen worktops. And the price range and types of materials is mind boggling. So me being me, I did my thorough research, and the result of that is here, in the hope that it helps anyone else in the same position.

One thing I would like to stress; I like doing DIY, and I can now do most things, I have installed most of the kitchen myself, but the worktop is best left to an expert. If you have 90 degree angles, the cutting of the worktop is critical, and you should hire a kitchen installer, not just a regular joiner, but a kitchen installer to at least do that part for you.

While selecting your kitchen worktop it is essential to consider the material which you would like to have your worktop built out of. Various materials will need different maintenance besides having a difference look and it is essential that prior to making your choice you realize everything regarding every single material.

The most well-known components for all kitchen worktops are usually granite, wood, laminate, composite stone and stainless steel. It is vital that you look at all the benefits and drawbacks so that you can select the right worktop for your brand new kitchen because every material has different positive aspects and is going to work for you in various ways.

1. Solid wood

Solid wood worktops that are natural and also gorgeous to look at, do something which no other type can: turn out to be more characterful along with age, as they get richer and deeper in color. They usually possess a squared-edged shape and are obtainable as much as 4cm thick. They usually come pre-oiled and can even be sanded gently to get rid of the scratches prior to reapplying the protective oil.

2. Granite

Due to its sturdiness as well as strength, this material is very common in the majority of the modern homes. Being incredibly appealing, granite worktops make the perfect option for serious cooks.

Nevertheless, you ought to know that granite surfaces are extremely vulnerable to discoloration and can scratch easily as compared to the other worktops.

Consequently, with these kinds of surfaces, you should make use of chopping boards while you are placing hot cookware on them.

3. Laminatecarving-board-with-lip-makemesomethingspecial.co_.uk_

Laminate can virtually provide whatever effect you would like and is a much cheaper option as compared to granite. It’s possible to combine this particular material with top quality units for a stunning finish.

Because of its low price, if you would like to modify your surfaces over time, a laminate is a perfect option. In contrast to more pricey materials, a little bit modernization is normally possible without harming your present units.

4. Composite stone

Being harder compared to natural stone composite provides for spectacular, unique finishes. Composite stone is indisputably a costly material; nevertheless for gorgeous marble as well as quartz effects, the engineered stone appears fantastic. Composite stone worktops, coupled with hardwood units, significantly achieve that “high-class” look should you be looking for unparalleled quality.

The main advantage of engineered stone is the fact that color consistency is possible. While many individuals prefer the different variations in the natural stone, uniform color is preferable in case you are specific regarding the color scheme.

5. Stainless steel

Stainless steel can be very simple to clean and is possibly the most durable material you will get. Stainless steel matches effectively with almost all interiors and it is among the most aesthetic new worktops which you can purchase.

6. Marble

Marble is most likely the best choice in case you are keen on shiny as well as appealing new worktops, which add genuine sparkle to the kitchen. Marble is incredibly well-liked by homeowners with a bigger budget and provides a clean and natural appearance to your kitchen. Nevertheless, in order to preserve it for a considerable period of time, this kind of surface requires a great deal of care and attention.

The video below has some good images of worktop types to get you inspired.

Easy Home Improvements For The Retiree

As I mentioned somewhere earlier in this blog, I enjoy my DIY. It was not something that I was ever interested before I retired, but now I have time on my hands, I can see where improvments need to be made, so I try to do whatever I can.

Learning something new is always a good thing, and Youtube is perfect for learning how to paint a wall or fix a fence, and the exercise involved is another great bonus. On top of all that, you are saving money that you would have given to a contractor, and adding value to your house. Its a win win!

I spotted this infographic while researching ways to rehab my kitchen, and I thought  it worth sharing here. Information is power, and there are some good tips on here so I hope it helps.


Get Ready For Barbeque Season

barbecue being prepared

I know this blog is about leisure, but nothing conjures up the feeling of a leisurely afternoon in the garden as much as a barbeque. I can picture friends and family, maybe a beer or two, the smell of grilling food. Works for me!

Sohen the weather starts warming up and the evenings grow longer, barbeque season is clearly on the way. If the idea of barbeques bombards you with painful memories of raw sausages, warm beer, and less than savory burgers, then you must begin making preparations immediately to remedy the mistakes of the past.

Like any activity of leisure, you need to make adequate preparations in order to enjoy barbecue season. Show willingness to put the work in and you are guaranteed success in the long run.

Getting Ready for Barbeque season
Can you get ready for barbeque season? As with most leisure activities, there are steps that you can always take to improve your chances of having a successful barbeque season.

Preparation is crucial, especially if you have intentions to host guests, some essential elements of any preparation process including the following:

1). Think about the food.
Hot dogs, burgers, and sausages are a common element of the average barbeque. However, you could just as easily diversify. From marinated chicken to kebabs and even some veggie dishes, there are ways to branch out that will keep your guests’ taste buds entertained.

But you cannot afford to make these decisions once barbeque season arrives. Make plans beforehand with regards to what you intend to experiment with. This will allow you to stock up earlier.burgers on the grill

While there are a great many deals that you can benefit from by purchasing in bulk, remember that quality is more important than quantity.

If you can find the right burgers and sausages, your guests will be more than happy with the one burger and sausage you choose to serve them.

2). Take the time to inspect your patio. More than merely sweeping the winter debris away scrutinize the patio and make any upgrades that might be necessary. Provide your guests a warm and inviting space from which to enjoy your barbeques.

3). Make sure that your equipment is ready
.You are encouraged to inspect your grille in particular. Look out for spiders and any other insects that might be hiding under the knobs or in the manifolds. Take the time to clear out any cobwebs.

You should also check for leaks, taking the time to replace any hoses that are either cracked or crimped. Do not forget to lube the moving parts of the grille. Give the ignition special attention. Make sure the igniter switch is working and replace the batteries where necessary.

More than merely inspecting your grill for damage, make an effort to keep it clean. If you have ignored the device for the previous few months, take the time to clean it from top to bottom. If you have a charcoal grill, scrape out the firebox.

There are plenty of cleaning products available on the market to help clean up easier these days. Check out this cleaning product page from amazon and get your self organised.

4). Barbeque season is a very social time
For this reason, make sure that you have enough furniture for all the people you will invite to your barbeques. While a lot of people like to spend barbeques on their feet, mingling with other people, you need to provide tables and chairs where they can sit and rest their plates as they eat.

You can be quite adventurous with the food too without it being overly expensive. There are many websites that have great ideas on how to prepare an cook barbeque food. Just do a google search and you can spend hours making your notes and plans.

If you get any great or inspirational ideas please let me know, I’m always open for a barbeque discussion! The video below has some great ideas too. Here’s hoping we have a barbeque summer!

What to know about scottish salmon fishing

Scotland has some of the nicest rivers for salmon fishing in Europe, with more than a hundred different rivers to choose from, varying from the smallest and more intimate rivers, to  the quick and broad running water, such as the river Tay. All of which give very good possibilities of quality salmon fishing throughout most of Scotland.

The season for salmon fishing varies according to the region, but on the whole, it is mid January till the end of October. There is no salmon fishing allowed on Sunday in Scotland by law, but you can fish for trout or other interesting fish such as the pike on Sundays.

Some of the smallest rivers and tributaries of the main rivers can produce annual captures of almost as manysalmon as some of the best parts of the big four, therefore for all fishermen who prefer fishing on a small river it should not be seen as a compromise in the quality of the beat, but remember most small rivers are rivers of flood and need some quantity of rain to allow the salmon to move up to the river.

fishingEvery river is divided into sections called a beat which  is determined by whoever owns the land on each side of the river. The owners are known as the owners bordering the street which means that they own the banks of the river and have the rights of beat (provided that they are not sold or rented rights). The size of a flapping can be as small as a kilometre or up to 4 or 5 kilometres.


Although there is no licence necessary  to fish in Scotland as there is in England, you need a licence to catch salmon. Licences are issued on a daily base by the individual owners of the flapping and are to be reserved beforehand. All beats are to issue a maximum of licences a day which is habitually limited to 6 or 8 according to the size of the flapping. The prices of licences vary considerably according to the river, the quality and the period of the year. For the first six or seven months of the season it is possible be as little as £20.00 a day up to £75,00 per day. The main salmon catch begins traditionally at the beginning of August and lasts until the end from season, which is  October therefore the prices of licences begin increasing considerably from August to seasons end.

SELKIRK, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 02: Salmon attempt to leap up the fish ladder in the river Etterick on November 2, 2010 in Selkirk, Scotland. The salmon are returning upstream from the sea where they have spent between two and four winters feeding with many covering huge distances to return to the fresh waters to spawn. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

During the last months of the season, prices are very often from around £60,00 a day to sometimes more than £450.00 per day, again according to the river and the quality of flapping. In general, the higher the price of the license, the more chance you have of catching a plentiful supply of fish.

Salmon fishing in Scotland is one of the most tranquil and beautiful ways to spend a day. Fabulous countryside and the opportunity to catch your own supper.. what could be better!