Get Ready For Barbeque Season

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I know this blog is about leisure, but nothing conjures up the feeling of a leisurely afternoon in the garden as much as a barbeque. I can picture friends and family, maybe a beer or two, the smell of grilling food. Works for me!

Sohen the weather starts warming up and the evenings grow longer, barbeque season is clearly on the way. If the idea of barbeques bombards you with painful memories of raw sausages, warm beer, and less than savory burgers, then you must begin making preparations immediately to remedy the mistakes of the past.

Like any activity of leisure, you need to make adequate preparations in order to enjoy barbecue season. Show willingness to put the work in and you are guaranteed success in the long run.

Getting Ready for Barbeque season
Can you get ready for barbeque season? As with most leisure activities, there are steps that you can always take to improve your chances of having a successful barbeque season.

Preparation is crucial, especially if you have intentions to host guests, some essential elements of any preparation process including the following:

1). Think about the food.
Hot dogs, burgers, and sausages are a common element of the average barbeque. However, you could just as easily diversify. From marinated chicken to kebabs and even some veggie dishes, there are ways to branch out that will keep your guests’ taste buds entertained.

But you cannot afford to make these decisions once barbeque season arrives. Make plans beforehand with regards to what you intend to experiment with. This will allow you to stock up earlier.burgers on the grill

While there are a great many deals that you can benefit from by purchasing in bulk, remember that quality is more important than quantity.

If you can find the right burgers and sausages, your guests will be more than happy with the one burger and sausage you choose to serve them.

2). Take the time to inspect your patio. More than merely sweeping the winter debris away scrutinize the patio and make any upgrades that might be necessary. Provide your guests a warm and inviting space from which to enjoy your barbeques.

3). Make sure that your equipment is ready
.You are encouraged to inspect your grille in particular. Look out for spiders and any other insects that might be hiding under the knobs or in the manifolds. Take the time to clear out any cobwebs.

You should also check for leaks, taking the time to replace any hoses that are either cracked or crimped. Do not forget to lube the moving parts of the grille. Give the ignition special attention. Make sure the igniter switch is working and replace the batteries where necessary.

More than merely inspecting your grill for damage, make an effort to keep it clean. If you have ignored the device for the previous few months, take the time to clean it from top to bottom. If you have a charcoal grill, scrape out the firebox.

There are plenty of cleaning products available on the market to help clean up easier these days. Check out this cleaning product page from amazon and get your self organised.

4). Barbeque season is a very social time
For this reason, make sure that you have enough furniture for all the people you will invite to your barbeques. While a lot of people like to spend barbeques on their feet, mingling with other people, you need to provide tables and chairs where they can sit and rest their plates as they eat.

You can be quite adventurous with the food too without it being overly expensive. There are many websites that have great ideas on how to prepare an cook barbeque food. Just do a google search and you can spend hours making your notes and plans.

If you get any great or inspirational ideas please let me know, I’m always open for a barbeque discussion! The video below has some great ideas too. Here’s hoping we have a barbeque summer!

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