Guidelines To Help You Select The Perfect Kitchen Worktop

curved edgeSo here I am, knee deep in my new kitchen project. As the winter months started to draw in and the days got shorter, my chances to go fishing were greatly reduced. I don’t like sitting watching TV, so I needed something to do. I know, let’s knock down the kitchen!

Well it wasn’t quite like that, but we decided that a new kitchen was next on the project list and we got to work.

One thing that surprised me, and the reason for writing this blog, is the number of choices and styles that are available for kitchen worktops. And the price range and types of materials is mind boggling. So me being me, I did my thorough research, and the result of that is here, in the hope that it helps anyone else in the same position.

One thing I would like to stress; I like doing DIY, and I can now do most things, I have installed most of the kitchen myself, but the worktop is best left to an expert. If you have 90 degree angles, the cutting of the worktop is critical, and you should hire a kitchen installer, not just a regular joiner, but a kitchen installer to at least do that part for you.

While selecting your kitchen worktop it is essential to consider the material which you would like to have your worktop built out of. Various materials will need different maintenance besides having a difference look and it is essential that prior to making your choice you realize everything regarding every single material.

The most well-known components for all kitchen worktops are usually granite, wood, laminate, composite stone and stainless steel. It is vital that you look at all the benefits and drawbacks so that you can select the right worktop for your brand new kitchen because every material has different positive aspects and is going to work for you in various ways.

1. Solid wood

Solid wood worktops that are natural and also gorgeous to look at, do something which no other type can: turn out to be more characterful along with age, as they get richer and deeper in color. They usually possess a squared-edged shape and are obtainable as much as 4cm thick. They usually come pre-oiled and can even be sanded gently to get rid of the scratches prior to reapplying the protective oil.

2. Granite

Due to its sturdiness as well as strength, this material is very common in the majority of the modern homes. Being incredibly appealing, granite worktops make the perfect option for serious cooks.

Nevertheless, you ought to know that granite surfaces are extremely vulnerable to discoloration and can scratch easily as compared to the other worktops.

Consequently, with these kinds of surfaces, you should make use of chopping boards while you are placing hot cookware on them.

3. Laminatecarving-board-with-lip-makemesomethingspecial.co_.uk_

Laminate can virtually provide whatever effect you would like and is a much cheaper option as compared to granite. It’s possible to combine this particular material with top quality units for a stunning finish.

Because of its low price, if you would like to modify your surfaces over time, a laminate is a perfect option. In contrast to more pricey materials, a little bit modernization is normally possible without harming your present units.

4. Composite stone

Being harder compared to natural stone composite provides for spectacular, unique finishes. Composite stone is indisputably a costly material; nevertheless for gorgeous marble as well as quartz effects, the engineered stone appears fantastic. Composite stone worktops, coupled with hardwood units, significantly achieve that “high-class” look should you be looking for unparalleled quality.

The main advantage of engineered stone is the fact that color consistency is possible. While many individuals prefer the different variations in the natural stone, uniform color is preferable in case you are specific regarding the color scheme.

5. Stainless steel

Stainless steel can be very simple to clean and is possibly the most durable material you will get. Stainless steel matches effectively with almost all interiors and it is among the most aesthetic new worktops which you can purchase.

6. Marble

Marble is most likely the best choice in case you are keen on shiny as well as appealing new worktops, which add genuine sparkle to the kitchen. Marble is incredibly well-liked by homeowners with a bigger budget and provides a clean and natural appearance to your kitchen. Nevertheless, in order to preserve it for a considerable period of time, this kind of surface requires a great deal of care and attention.

The video below has some good images of worktop types to get you inspired.

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