Kitchen Project Update – Now it’s getting serious!

kitchen_doorsFollowing on from my previous post, where I started to delve into the kitchen upgrade to keep me sane during the colder months, I have realised that I need to make a decision on the cabinets. I did the research and decided on my worktops, but then realised that shiny new worktops are only going to make the tired old cabinets look worse than they did before… so I feel new cabinets coming on.

Thankfully, and old fishing buddy of mine had been through this process 12 months earlier, and recommended I look at using a local company specialising in replacing just the doors, drawers, handles etc, to get that new kitchen look for a lot less money. Now that got my attention!

Like it or not, kitchen cabinet doors will always take a beating. Every single day we always open and slam them countless times. Now, if you imagine how many times that happens in a year then consider how many years you’ve now had your kitchen cabinet doors, you will understand why they appear the way they do. The kitchen environment itself will also bring in its share of misfortunes, from the grease, heat stains to the residue from food, moisture, name it. Now, if you wish to give your kitchen a facelift, it’s best to start by going for replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

For some alternative ideas watch this video

Available options for using replacement kitchen cabinet doors

Replacement doors come in various styles, woods and colours. But not every person will want to match the wood framing colour to that of the cabinets. However, if you want to retain the color, you can always go for the doors that clearly match your existing wood frames. You can as well refinish your frames to match the cabinet door colours.

Alternatively, there are woodworking workshops that can as well custom make new doors for your cabinets and try as much as possible to match them. But this can be quite costly.

There is always the painting option.

Another way you to replace your kitchen cabinet doors is by painting everything so as they can all match. You can buy unfinished cabinet doors then rough up the frame’s finish using sandpaper and thereafter paint all of them with the same colour. Mostly it depends on your tastes and preferences. Many who’ve used this technique speak of having achieved fantastic results.


A number of cabinet door makers also offer veneers matching the cabinet doors. If you prefer to retain the beauty and looks of the wood grain and refinishing doesn’t seem like a good idea to you, you can always go with veneering. Most of it is peel and stick. Once it’s cut to fit, you can glue it over the existing finish. Even though this may need quite an amount of effort, at the end of it ,you will be happy to have a kitchen that looks new and well done.

New kitchen doors will make your room look good as new

The kitchen is obviously the most visual element of the house. Cabinets on the other hand mostly dictate the appearance and feel of your kitchen. When a homeowner opts for replacement kitchen cabinet doors, it not only works to enhance the home’s appeal but also boosts its value.

Rather than going into the expense of replacing the entire kitchen cabinets, replacement kitchen cabinet dnew door drawer and frameoors will save you money and time at the same time help you in achieving that fresh look we all love to see. And being a kind of kitchen remodeling, it could also make the huge difference when you need to sell off your home or rent it to someone.

All these you can achieve by seeking the help of experts skilled in interior design, specifically kitchen remodeling. An expert has the experience and necessary skill to help you help you achieve such. Just do a quick search on google to find a kitchen remodeling business near to you. And if you decide to shop for the items yourself, ensure you get it from reliable suppliers.

When I finally get the kitchen finished I will post some images on here. I just hope it gets done before the weather warms up or it will have to wait until next winter… now that’s not going to impress the wife!

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