What to know about scottish salmon fishing

Scotland has some of the nicest rivers for salmon fishing in Europe, with more than a hundred different rivers to choose from, varying from the smallest and more intimate rivers, to  the quick and broad running water, such as the river Tay. All of which give very good possibilities of quality salmon fishing throughout most of Scotland.

The season for salmon fishing varies according to the region, but on the whole, it is mid January till the end of October. There is no salmon fishing allowed on Sunday in Scotland by law, but you can fish for trout or other interesting fish such as the pike on Sundays.

Some of the smallest rivers and tributaries of the main rivers can produce annual captures of almost as manysalmon as some of the best parts of the big four, therefore for all fishermen who prefer fishing on a small river it should not be seen as a compromise in the quality of the beat, but remember most small rivers are rivers of flood and need some quantity of rain to allow the salmon to move up to the river.

fishingEvery river is divided into sections called a beat which  is determined by whoever owns the land on each side of the river. The owners are known as the owners bordering the street which means that they own the banks of the river and have the rights of beat (provided that they are not sold or rented rights). The size of a flapping can be as small as a kilometre or up to 4 or 5 kilometres.


Although there is no licence necessary  to fish in Scotland as there is in England, you need a licence to catch salmon. Licences are issued on a daily base by the individual owners of the flapping and are to be reserved beforehand. All beats are to issue a maximum of licences a day which is habitually limited to 6 or 8 according to the size of the flapping. The prices of licences vary considerably according to the river, the quality and the period of the year. For the first six or seven months of the season it is possible be as little as £20.00 a day up to £75,00 per day. The main salmon catch begins traditionally at the beginning of August and lasts until the end from season, which is  October therefore the prices of licences begin increasing considerably from August to seasons end.

SELKIRK, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 02: Salmon attempt to leap up the fish ladder in the river Etterick on November 2, 2010 in Selkirk, Scotland. The salmon are returning upstream from the sea where they have spent between two and four winters feeding with many covering huge distances to return to the fresh waters to spawn. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

During the last months of the season, prices are very often from around £60,00 a day to sometimes more than £450.00 per day, again according to the river and the quality of flapping. In general, the higher the price of the license, the more chance you have of catching a plentiful supply of fish.

Salmon fishing in Scotland is one of the most tranquil and beautiful ways to spend a day. Fabulous countryside and the opportunity to catch your own supper.. what could be better!

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